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UZI Waterproof Powder – Light, Waterproof Makeup Foundation for Daily Use

The best foundation powders are a versatile and important base for your makeup. UZI wanted to create a product that takes on the most beneficial properties of foundation and put it all together in one convenient package. With this in mind, we create UZI Waterproof Powder, available in three versions, to give you all the options you need in a daily foundation powder. There is a reason why we chose foundation powder over a liquid base and a cream base and here’s why you should too.

Foundation Powder is Sheer and Light

Your daily foundation needs to be easy to apply, light on the skin and it needs to look natural as well. Cream foundation and liquid foundation can give you great coverage too but they are heavier bases that sit on your face. It is easy enough to remove any of these bases at the end of the day but keeping them on through the day is tough on your skin. 

A powder foundation is lighter and doesn’t burden your skin as much, which means it can stay on through the day. The natural sheer effect of foundation powder gives you that natural youthful look, which is perfect for so many situations from a workday at the office to going out for lunch with your friends.

A Practical Waterproof Foundation

UZI Waterproof Powder is going through many situations looking clean and fresh. We’ve named our product UZI Waterproof Powder because it is a true waterproof makeup foundation. You don’t need to worry about sweat or the odd splash of water to ruin your makeup as our waterproof foundation will stay in place. You can lead an active lifestyle or walk around on a rainy day because UZI Waterproof Powder has you covered.

UZI Waterproof Powder gives you active protection from the Sun as well. Our product carries a SPF 50 PA+++ rating, which indicates high protection from the damaging UV rays. Keep the harmful effects of sunlight away and avoid wrinkles, spots and leathery skin with UZI Waterproof Powder’s sun protection properties.

Made From Fine Ingredients

UZI Waterproof Powder is made up of some luxurious active ingredients that are hard to find in many generic makeup products. We have considered the profile of our foundation powder carefully before selecting ingredients that provide smoothness, energy and beauty to your daily makeup routine. Orina-G and Neocare Ultrafine Gold are some of these incredible ingredients that will provide a touch of luxury and energy to your glowing skin. We also use Snow Algae Powder, a natural ingredient that has been used for decades, for promoting smoothness and fortifying your skin. 

Start  your daily makeup routine with a waterproof foundation that is sheer, light and luxurious with UZI Waterproof Powder. Choose from our three shades and give your skin a practical, waterproof makeup foundation upon which you can build your best look.

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