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About UZI Waterproof Organic Cosmetics

Usamanee “Kwan” Waitayanon has been a creative and celebrated actress in Thai Entertainment Industry but she has longed to extend her talents into other areas as well. Miss Kwan finished her Master Degree in Business Administration from Bangkok University, which proved to be a turning point for her, as this helped her discover a way to bring her passion for makeup and beauty to a new audience. She was always interested in starting her own business and now her vision of luxury beauty for every woman is now possible with UZI, the organic makeup brand of the future

Miss Kwan always wanted to start out with a product that is close to her heart: Lipstick. She wanted to focus her effort with commitment and determination to create a product that truly reflects her style and merge it with great organic cosmetics products. In every social event and award ceremony, Kwan’s stylish gowns and her stunning lips are always prominent, fashionable and alluring.

With her determination, Kwan and the team selected and imported fine ingredients for lipstick. She prioritizes and pays attention in every procedure because she believes that “Since we want the best things for ourselves, the customers should get the best things from us too.” That attention to detail leads to standard guarantees for every ingredient and stylish color shades with premium fine texture. She set the goal to launch UZI Cosmetic by 2018.

Luxury Organic Makeup for Every Woman
Capturing this essence and turning it into the lineup of UZI lipsticks is something to celebrate. Depicted in colours and shades that range from favourites to bold statements, UZI lipsticks are for every woman to feel glamorous and stunning. These incredible lipsticks, which are available in various options, were the product that led Miss Kwan to continue creating organic cosmetics that bring joy to the art of beauty.

UZI has created a products in categories such as eyeliner, foundation powders and more. Each of these products brings something to your makeup routine, a luxurious touch that has timeless appeal. Through her own personal journey and her unique perspective on beauty, Miss Kwan has ensured that the same commitment to fine ingredients and stylish touches has been applied to each of these products. Choosing an UZI product means getting a stylish and luxurious product

For Real Women with Active Lifestyles
Not only are these organic makeup products fashionable and sexy but they are also, in some cases, waterproof cosmetics that are able to withstand changing conditions and active everyday routines. The UZI Waterproof Powder, for instance, is a foundation powder that is the perfect base for an everyday makeup routine. This sheer and featherlight foundation, available in three different shades, is the waterproof cosmetic base that you can count on to hold up against sweat, splashes of water and remain smooth and light for hours. You can count on UZI to continue innovating and creating organic makeup that is long-lasting and packed with features.